Silicon Metal

Silicon metal is used as an alloying element in Steel and Aluminium production.

Silicon is the second most abundant element of earth crust. it as found as SiO2 naturally. In the presence of Carbon and substantial amount of heat (2000 degree of Celsius) and electricity it will be purified. 

Silicon is used as a semi-conductor in solar panel production.


Electric Arc Furnace

Silicon Metal is the key element in Photovoltaic industry

Solar cells are electrical devices that convert light energy into electricity. Various types of wafers can be used to make solar cells, but silicon wafers are the most popular. That’s because a silicon wafer is thermally stable, durable, and easy to process.

China is the world’s largest silicon producer

with a production volume estimated at six million metric tons in 2022. 

The second largest producer is Russia, which produced 640,000 metric tons in the same year. 

The total global production of silicon in 2022 was an estimated 8.8 million metric tons.

Electric Furnace Arc

Silicon metal is produced in the submerged arc electric furnace by the reduction of quartzite rock with suitable carbonaceous reducing agents. Raw materials are selected for chemical purity, size consist, electrical resistance, and smelting characteristics.

SiO2 and Carbon as row material in furnace arc